ECIO 2016 Confirmed Invited Talks

Name Affiliation Title
Erwin Bente Eindhoven University of Technology Modelocked laser systems on InP integration technology platforms
Maciej Bugajski Instytut Technologii Elektronowej Monolithically integrated coupled-cavity quantum cascade lasers
Lukas Chrostowski University of British Columbia Electronic control and stabilization of silicon photonic circuits
Maurizio Ferrari Istituto di Fotonica e Nanotecnologie Trento Glass and glass-ceramic photonic systems
Martijn Heck Aarhus University Optical isolators for photonic integrated circuits
Thomas Krauss University of York Multimodal photonic crystal biosensors
Małgorzata Kujawińska Warsaw University of Technology Microoptics based, integrated, full-field measurement systems
Philippe Lalanne Institut d’Optique

Light interaction with resonance 

Xaveer Leijtens Eindhoven University of Technology Generic photonic integration on InP
Juerg Leuthold ETH Zurich Plasmonics - a technology for microscale high-speed integrated optics
Zhenguo Lu National Research Council Canada Coherence Comb Laser Sources: Quantum Dots, Packaging and Active Control
Andrea Melloni Politecnico di Milano Tunable integrated photonics toolbox: from realistic models to control algorithms
Sylvie Menezo CEA-Leti Matching the best of Silicon and InP for Integrated and compact E/O Transceivers
Tetsuya Mizumoto Tokyo Institute of Technology Optical isolators and circulators for Si photonics
Roberto Morandotti INRS-EMT Quantum state generation via integrated frequency combs
Gualtiero Nunzi Conti Institute of Applied Physics “Nello Carrara” Waveguide coupled high-Q micro-optical resonators 
Chigo Okonkwo Eindhoven University of Technology Hardware Integration options for Space Division Multiplexing
Martin Schell Fraunhofer-Heinrich Hertz Institut Optical Integration: Technological and Economical Aspects
Alwyn Seeds University College London Direct integration of quantum dot lasers on silicon
Meint Smit Eindhoven University of Technology Prospects for  InP-based integrated photonics
Peter Smith University of Southampton A new hybrid fibre / planar platform for optics, offering ultralow loss and robust integration
Mark Thompson University of Bristol  
Hon Tsang The Chinese University of Hong Kong Engineering the optical characteristics of waveguide grating couplers
Laurent Vivien University of Paris Sud Recent advances in strained silicon photonics
Michael Wale Oclaro Inc.  InP-based photonic integration:  achievements and opportunities
Tomasz R. Woliński Warsaw Uiversity of Technology Nanoparticles-based liquid crystals integrated with photonic crystal fibers 
Lech Wosinski Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) Silicon- and plasmonics-based nanophotonics for computer interconnects and sensing