OWTNM 2016 - Topics



  • Photonic ICs: design, fabrication, hybrid or monolithic approach

  • Active devices: Lasers, LEDs, VCSELs, array lasers, amplifiers, detectors

  • Nonlinear devices: wavelength converters, frequency mixers, signal regenerators

  • Polymer photonics including OLEDs

  • Plasmonic waveguides and devices

  • Characterization and testing of guided waves devices and circuits,

  • Packaging and Hybrid integration: flip-chip and bonding techniques, novel pigtailing and packaging technologies, microoptic benches

  • Applications: telecom and datacom, quantum communication, biophotonics, instrumentation and sensors, microwave applications, data storage, lighting and displays

  • Production technologies, foundry concepts and industrial exploitation

  • Nanophotonics, photonic crystal materials and devices, metamaterials

  • Materials and fabrication technologies for guided waves devices and quantum optical or opto-electronic structures

  • Modelling, theory and simulation of active and passive guided wave devices and quantum optical or opto-electronic structures

  • Passive devices: fibers, waveguides, (de)multiplexers, add-drop multiplexers, branching and mixing components, filters, microlenses, diffractive optical elements, isolators, polarizers etc.

  • Dynamic and functional devices : MEMS, switches, modulators, tunable devices, deflectors, optical buffers etc.

  • Silicon photonics

  • Membrane photonics and optomechanical devices