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SMART Photonics B.V. is a pure-play foundry for InP photonics semiconductors. We offer production services for both discrete- as well as integrated- Indium Phosphide based photonic components.

The company is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands where it has its own production as well as research facilities. It offers its customers an expert team with a long history and a proven track record in InP R&D and production. The team consists of former employees of a number of renown photonics companies in the region with a long history in photonics and a broad experience in epitaxy (growth and regrowth), processing, test & measurement and quality. 

The company’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it combines pure-play foundry approach, a dedicated photonics cleanroom for InP semiconductors, an experienced engineering team, and a generic process in which customers can design based on functional building blocks, rather than technological steps. The latter method is common in electronics, but new for the photonics industry. 

Examples of products developed for customers include: EMLs, (high power) DFB lasers, integrated transmitters and receivers chips, and numorous integrated circuits for a broad range of applications. SMART Photonics offers a generic process, and it is the world's first foundry to offer MPW services for InP based integrated circuits on a commercial basis.

Next to the production support in either the proof of concept phase or the full production phase we also offer single-, or combined-, process steps to complete, or back-up, the production processes of our customers.

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SMART Photonics B.V.
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